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  • I have a complaint/suggestion/review, who should I contact?
    We are always looking to improve your experience so our DMs are always open, and so are our emails. Please send them through, and don’t forget to mention the date of the event if it applies.
  • I'm a yoga instructor/breeder/influencer/photographer etc.. and I want to collaborate with you!
    Please email us or send us a DM with your profile, availability and confirmation of having the correct licences for your activity. We always love working with new people :)
  • Where are the puppies from?
    We are well connected with local trusted breeders and have built great relationships with them. These breeders are all checked to ensure they are abiding to all regulations, and we never work with any kind of puppy farms. These puppies are loved and cared for like they are part of their families.
  • Are the puppies safe to attend?
    Yes, we ensure with the breeder that all pups have had there 1st vaccinations and are around 8 weeks of age. The puppies change each week and we also don’t mix different litters together. We ensure the yoga studio is thoroughly cleaned with vet approved disinfectant before sessions. All puppies have fresh water at all times, and their feeding times are not disrupted. There are also breaks in between each class so the puppies can have private time away from people. This a great and safe opportunity for puppies to begin their socialisation process before they go to their new homes.
  • How do the puppies benefit from our classes?
    The friendliest dogs come from well-socialised homes. Our classes are amazing at helping with the puppy’s socialisation process. As the puppies are about to go off tot their forever homes, this is a fantastic way to introduce them to the real-life world! All pups leave our classes with a new found confidence, and we get plenty of positive feedback from the puppy owners.
  • Do I have to do the Yoga?
    Absolutely not! We encourage you to stop to cuddle/play with a puppy if a puppy approaches you and you feel that’s what benefits your well-being the most.
  • Can I bring my own puppy?
    Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own puppy/dog, as the puppies cannot socialise with other dogs until they are over 12 weeks old.
  • Can children attend this class?
    Children above the age of 13 are very welcome to attend as long as they are accompanied by an adult, and an adult must sign the consent form on their behalf and is responsible for ensuring they handle the puppies with care.
  • Will we have time for pictures?
    Of course, take as many pictures as you wish and feel free to ask a member of staff to take your pictures with your friends. Everyone gets a complimentary Polaroid picture to take home too and have a memory that lasts! Remember to tag us in any pictures you take so we can see the wholesome content!
  • Can we host private events?
    Yes this can be arranged - please dm us or email us for more information on our packages for events with the preferred dates, the number of people and the occasion! Please ensure to contact the relevant city - the emails can be found on the 'Contact Us' page.
  • Are the puppies toilet trained?
    The puppies are very young and still learning so there may be a few accidents during the session. Puppy pads will be placed all around the studio but in the occurrence of any accident one of our staff members will clean this up immediately.
  • Do I need to bring my own mat?
    We provide you with yoga mats but feel free to bring your own if you wish!
  • What breed are the puppies?
    Each class is different depending on the litter - some are big/small/long/wrinkly - we don’t discriminate!
  • Which charities do you donate to?
    The 3 main charities we have been donating to include 1- Pets as therapy- they strive to improve and enhance the health and wellbeing of the community through pet visits 2 - PAPYRUS - is a charity dedicated to preventing suicide and promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people. 3- Dogs trust - this is an animal welfare charity which specialises in the wellbeing of dogs, preventing any harm and helping in rehoming dogs. Its also a great resource for dog owners to understand dog needs! We’re always happy to donate to any of your preferred local charities or organisations that align with the same values Just drop us a message through our DMs or email us
  • How many people are in each class?
    It depends on which yoga studio we host our class in, there are usually between 14 - 22 attendees.
  • I bought a ticket but I can’t attend?
    Unfortunately, tickets are non refundable but we can always try our best to help you resell your ticket.
  • I don’t want my pictures shared on social media
    Unfortunately as part of the consent form, we ask you to accept that we can use your pictures for marketing purposes and to show the public our classes. We can't guarantee you won’t be in the back of any of the pics but we can avoid directly taking pictures of you if you make us aware of this.
  • Do I have to be good at yoga?
    Definitely not! The class caters for all abilities and most people are not regular yoga practicers. Our yoga instructors are always made aware of that.
  • Can I use my ticket for another event if I can’t make a specific date?
    Unfortunately tickets are sold on an events basis and can’t be redeemed for any other date, but we can always try our best to resell the ticket for you.
  • How long is each class?
    Each class is 1 hour and 15 minutes long, split between 45 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of pure puppy playtime with the opportunity to take pictures including our complimentary Polaroid photo's
  • How many puppies are in each class?
    This depends on the litter and the class size, previous classes have had 5 to 12 puppies.
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