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Animal Welfare

We appreciate concern for the welfare of the puppies attending our classes, but we can assure you that this is our top priority and we do everything we can to keep the pups safe and happy, which will be explained below.


Our classes emulate the home situations that the puppies are currently in, and the new homes that they will be in with their new families. We work with various reputable puppy owners  to ensure the same puppies are not constantly attending. We have breaks in between classes so the puppies are able to have private time. They also have dog beds or enclosures/pens to rest in whenever they please. The number of sessions is dependent on a few factors - the breed, temperament, and nature or the pups. This is discussed extensively with the puppy owner beforehand, and typically we have 2 sessions with a break in between, but never more than 3. A lack of socialisation can be incredibly detrimental to puppies and can cause development issues later in life. We have noticed huge gains in confidence in puppies who have attended our sessions, and have had fantastic feedback from the puppy owners. 


The puppies have access to fresh water at ALL times, and any previous customers or breeders can confirm this. We are not associated with any companies depriving the animals of water, food, or space. Their feeding times are not disrupted and the puppies are fed throughout the day as advised by the owners. The puppies are free to roam around or nap as much or as little as they like. The majority of the class (45 mins) is spent doing yoga, and therefore this is the main activity of the class. The puppies are not kept for exhibition or training. They are simply present for a couple of hours over a day or weekend in their lifetime whilst customers do yoga around them. We are familiar with the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018. As we neither own the puppies nor engage in their training or exhibition activities as outlined in Schedule 1 of the regulation, this is not a license that is currently required of us.

Our staff are trained thoroughly which includes addressing customers in any situations where they are not handling the puppies properly. All ticket holders are emailed consent forms 2 days before the class which includes information regarding the handling of puppies. We have laminated versions of these consent forms present on the day for customers to read through, before signing to confirm that they have read and understood it. In the unlikely scenario of a customer ‘almost dropping a puppy’, please understand extensive measures have been taken to protect the health and wellbeing of the pups. As mentioned all customers have read our consent form about handling the pups and the puppy owner is completely aware of the nature of our events and attendees, and many have attended sessions as a customer themselves to experience the sessions before bringing their own litter. 


Addressing specific concerns:

  1. All puppies have had at least their first vaccination before attending classes. All studios are disinfected with vet approved disinfectant beforehand, which protects against diseases such as parvo. In addition, all attendees are sent an email 2 days before which briefs them on the fact they must take off all shoes, jackets and outside wear and leave this outside of the studio - which they are instructed to do so again upon arrival at the session. Everyone’s hands must be washed and they are even asked to wear clothes which have had limited contact with their own dogs. Throughout the class, only pet friendly sprays are used to clean any accidents. The puppies usually attend for 2.5 hours a day, with an occasional maximum of 4 hours including the time of arriving early to settle into the studio before guests arrive. Classes do not take place everyday. The pups are usually 8 - 12 weeks and go off to their new homes in the week after the class. Sometimes the mother dog is present in the classes. 

  2. These events are yoga classes, there is never music louder than a typical household television or radio that would be played in the home, the music is calming and slow in nature. The puppies are socialised to help bridge the gap before they go to their forever homes (typically family homes, where background noise like tv/music/hoovers and children will be very normal) 

  3. Regarding the room lighting - we use natural lighting and have windows open for fresh air, our sessions are in the daytime and the puppies experience natural lighting at home, and will do with their new families - again, emulating their home environment. The puppies are free to sleep throughout the sessions, and blankets or bedding are brought from their home so they can have private naps on familiar bedding that has their mothers scent. 

  4. We send a customer consent form to all customers 48 hours before the sessions, which details how to handle the pups with care and to allow the pups to self-willingly approach. Customers are then provided with a physical copy of the consent form upon arrival to the session, and are asked to sign to say they have read and understood it. The location of the event is only revealed to ticket holders 48 hours before the session, for the safety of the puppies on the day of the event. Animal safety is our ultimate priority, as these sessions have the purpose of aiding the development of the pups. Staff are in constant observation of the pups, and puppy owners are informed extensively of the natures of our sessions, and many have attended sessions themselves before bringing their litter, in order to have a full understanding of the sessions and what they entail. We have never had any experience with injury, ill-health or ailment with any animals who have attended our sessions, and as mentioned, we receive updates and images/ videos from puppy owners of the pups thriving with their new families. 

  5. We complete strict checks on puppy owners, who complete a document and are given all information about how sessions are run, the benefits to the pups, and breeders are then advised to remain present throughout the sessions. We have members of staff present at all times to supervise the puppies. We use specific vet approved animal disinfectants including parvo virucide to disinfect our yoga studios beforehand, vet approved disinfectants throughout the session to clean any puppy accidents, and animal disinfectants to clean the studio and equipment such as yoga mats after the session. 

  6. We have worked with legal practitioners to fully understand our standing on animal licensing. We have never done sessions that would jeopardise the health or well-being of any of the pups. We only work with reputable puppy owners, who we communicate with extensively beforehand, who complete our puppy owners’ documents, providing extensive information about the pups and their growth. These sessions have been incredibly helpful for the development and socialisation of the pups, and we would be more than happy to put you into contact with puppy owners we’ve worked with who will speak highly of the pup’s experience, and how they are now flourishing in their forever homes. We have received pictures and updates about the pups in their forever homes, which is incredibly encouraging for us to see, and reminds us of why being able to socialise freely in a safe, clean new environment amongst their own litter is so important - just before they go to their new homes. The puppies have constant access to fresh water, their puppy toys, and bedding or blankets. Our puppy owners consistently given excellent feedback of the well-being and development in confidence of the pups, and how this has aided them with the transition to their forever homes, we are invested in helping the pups in such an important part of their lives, which is why updates about the pups who are happy and healthy in their new homes is incredibly encouraging to see, and further reinforces the amazing impact of attending our classes. 

  7. We do not just work with litters of puppies - we have done sessions with rescue dogs of different ages and breeds in order to help them be re-homed, to give them an opportunity to have positive attention from all attendees, and to raise money and give all profits back to the rescue home. These sessions have amazing feedback and are hugely impactful to rescue animals and rescue centres. 

  8. Charity - Over the past year, we have raised significant amounts for animal and mental health charities including dogs trust, papyrus, and many local charities and local rescue homes. A huge purpose of these sessions is to help support national and local charities based on animal welfare and mental health, to further help protect and rehome animals in need. 

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions.

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